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Sea Food Paella
Chicken Paella
Vegetables Paella
Black Rice with Squid Ink
Pork Shoulder or Leg au Jus
Pork Loin With Milk
Braised Pork Loin
Black Meat( Venezuelan Style Meat)
Creole Meat
Beef Tender Loin with Béarnaise Sauce
Beef Tender Loin with Mushroom Sauce
Beef Tender Loin Chef Style
Beef Wellington
Beef Tender Loin any Style
Roast Beef
Ripened Meat
Beef Ragu
Beef Stew
Chicken Breast any Style
Chicken Curry
Chicken “ Polvorosa”
Sea Bass Champagne Sauce
Lobster any Style
Prawns Sambuca Sauce
Red Snapper Saffron Sauce
Grilled Prawns
Thermidor Lobster
Squid in its own Ink
Chaufa Rice Any Style
Stuffed Turkey with Chestnut
Lasagna any Style
Sea Food Cazuela
Miami Best Caesar Salad

Certified Organic

Looking for organic dishes? we can prepare them for you using organic certified ingredients.

Quality Products

Cooking is our passion, so we use high-quality, fresh, and well-combined ingredients.

Zen Cuisine

Light, healthy, tasty, and simple dishes, our Zen cuisine is a refined vegan way of cooking.

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