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Filet Mignon
Breaded Meat, Chicken or Pork
Skewers any Style
Cheese Balls or Meat
Quiche any Style
Onion, Leek, Spinach or Mushroom Tarts
Sauté Mushrooms with Garlic
Stuffed Mushrooms
Small Pizzas
Small Carpaccio
Egg Rolls
Chinese Dumplings
Sushi, Shrimp Tempura
Prunes Wrapped with Bacon
Scallops Wrapped with Bacon
Small Mexican Tostadas
Turkey Canapés with Cranberry Jelly
Quail Eggs with Golf Sauce
Shrimps with Golf Sauce
Roast Beef with “Guasacaca”
Chicken Salad Canapés
Spanish Tortilla
Tomato or Mushrooms Bruschetas
Smoke Salmon Canapés
Vegetables Tray with Blue Cheese
Fish or Seafood Ceviche
Small Chicken “Polvorosas”
Round Bread Stuffed any Style
Salmon or Tuna Tartare
Fried Kibbe with Labne
Falafel With Tajine
Fried Chistorras or Blood Sausage
Galician Style Empanadas
Cheese, Beef, Chicken, Spinach Empanadas
Small Corn Cakes (Arepitas) with Cheese
Beef, “Reina Pepiada”
Miami Best Caesar Salad

Certified Organic

Looking for organic dishes? we can prepare them for you using organic certified ingredients.

Quality Products

Cooking is our passion, so we use high-quality, fresh, and well-combined ingredients.

Zen Cuisine

Light, healthy, tasty, and simple dishes, our Zen cuisine is a refined vegan way of cooking.

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